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Hi, here's a bit more about me...

From appearing on stage at the age of 7, to performing my first voiceover at the age of just 18, I've always loved working with my voice.

And with extensive experience both at the BBC and as a teacher, I am able to draw on skills such as editing and audience engagement to produce the highest quality voiceover work. 


My story

I've always been surrounded by performers; I grew up in a family of musicians and first took to the stage to sing when I was a little girl.

I first came across the world of voiceovers when I completed my first gig at the age of just 18, when I voiced the commentary for the world famous Mersey Ferries. 

I later went on to pursue my passion for performance by completing an honours degree in Theatre Arts, which gave me a great springboard to develop character voices and accents other than my native Liverpool and northern accents.

A few years in teaching followed, which gave me the chance to hone my public speaking, sight reading and engagement skills - a classroom full of young students is a great environment in which to really learn how to develop in front of a tough crowd!

A move to radio and TV followed and this allowed me to become experienced in editing and audio production. Back in those days, we were still using tape, cutting and splicing audio together to produce an engaging listen which, whilst time consuming compared with today's technology, gave me a real insight into the technical side of a career in voiceover. These days, my skills have evolved along with the technology and I am now highly proficient at using Adobe Audition as my editing software - so much quicker and more user-friendly than tape!

Today, I live in the beautiful North west close to the sea; here I continue to communicate daily in my native northern and Liverpool accent while also being able to seamlessly switch to a more neutral RP accent whenever needed. I continue to invest in my voiceover career with the highest standard equipment and training from the best voice over coaches in the industry to stay relevant and updated in modern techniques.

I now draw on all this rich experience across many sectors to interpret scripts and engage your audience, helping to make your project a success.


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Let's work together

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help with your voiceover needs.

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